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Night Analysis & Deep Sleep

Coherence - fractality peaks
History - Evolution
Music notes of the heart
Heart Rate evolution during the night
Deep Sleep & movements Analysis

Heart Rate evolution & Amplitude

Deep HRV amplitude:

Young & healthy

Lower HRV amplitude:

Old, less healthy or stressed

Musical signature of the heart

Frequencies can be mathematicaly extracted from Heart beats and heart rate variation spectrum.

As music notes are related to specific frequencies, we can display the realtionships between heart frequencies and music notes and use this musical display to easily visualize the different parts of the night.

The relationship between musical signatures can also be a good indicator of your coherence state : harmonic inclusiveness, relationship/interaction of all the waves which are inside the body.

relationship between frequencies & Music Notes

Deep Sleep

The deep sleep stage (or slow-wave sleep) is a period of the night where the EEG activity is synchronized, producing slow waves within a frequency of 0.5-3Hz. This is a period when the neocortical neurons are able to rest. The deep sleep is related to States 3 & 4 of the sleep stages.

Deep sleep should represent about 25% of sleep duration in young adults. This percentage decreases up to about 10% with aging (5). When we are depressed, less healthy or  stressed, this deep sleep phase is reduced.

Slow-wave sleep is the constructive phase of sleep for recuperation of the mind-body system in which it rebuilds itself after each day.


This Slow-Wave Sleep helps to  :

  • consolidate new memories (1)
  • allow the brain to recover from its daily activities
  • induce the secretion of growth hormone (2)
  • allow a decrease in sympathetic and increase in parasympathetic neural activity (2)
  • reduce blood pressure (Reduced deep sleep may predict high blood pressure (3)
  • relax our muscles and the blood supply to muscles increases
  • our tissues to growth and repair
  • restore energy
  • restored sugars to our  glial cells (to provide energy for the brain) (4)
  • allow toxin clearance from the Brain (7)(8)
  • feel less depressed (9)


(2) Slow-Wave Sleep: Beyond Insomnia. Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions. ISBN 978-0-9561387-1-2.



(5) Age-Related Changes in Slow Wave Sleep and REM Sleep and Relationship With Growth Hormone and Cortisol Levels in Healthy Men

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(9) Regulation of Sleep and Growth Hormone in Adolescent Depression

Deep sleep and VLF/HF ratio

There is a good relationship between VLF/HF ratio and the deep sleep phase:

During deep sleep phase, VLF is significantly lower than in the other sleep stages; and HF is significantly higher (1).

(1) Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Sleep   P. BUŠEK, J. VAŇKOVÁ, J. OPAVSKÝ , J. SALINGER, S. NEVŠÍMALOVÁ

Physiol. Res. 54: 369-376, 2005

Deep Sleep & Movements

The gyroscope of the iPhone allows the recording of your night movements. This movement analysis can be compared and related to the depp sleep stages extracted from the heart data analysis.

The pink curve displays the movement analysis

Deep Sleep & musical signature

Different parts of the night can easily be visualized through the color display of the musical frequencies (music notes) extracted from the heart data analysis.

Deep Sleep & Lucid Dreams - Deep Meditation State

Slow-Wave Sleep can also be achieved through deep meditation state

« Subjectively deep sleep is a time of nearly complete disengagement from the environment… There is a more subtle state of awareness that may be developed through meditation and can be thought of as being more subtle and like that of the dreaming state of consciousness. The deepest level of consciousness, in this scheme, is the one in which it is possible to become aware of the emptiness in which all phenomenon are thought to occur. According to the integral philosopher Ken Wilber, it is possible, with training in advanced meditation, for people to be aware of the subtler states of consciousness, including the states of dreaming and even deep sleep. »*


Deep Sleep & Heart Rate Evolution

Evolution (history) can be a good indicator of Stress levels & heath pattern.


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