CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones


Audio Files


Option  is used 

to generate and interact with specific body frequencies (and Chakras)


PLASMAPHIRE (Plasma generator)

QUANTAPHI (Plasma generator)

PHIvibes(Vibration system)

Piezo & Coils


Offers many different options to generate waves:

- All the waves are created from a cascade of frequencies

                   (according to Dan equation linked to Planck or Schumann)

- A beat can be created to induce a movement between the 2 channels

                    (as life is movement)

- 180° shift can also be generated between the 2 channels

                    (to create a zero point in the middle of the 2 devices)

For non Apple users:

A library of FlameinSound Coil & Plasma waves files can be downloaded from a cloud and played on any WAV audio player.

Send me a mail and I will send you the link to the cloud.

Available Audio Files

As there are infinite combinations that can be generated from FameminSound,

we had to select the most commun used options to create audio files:

Audio cascades of frequencies are created :

        - from Dan equation according to Schuman 7,83 Hz frequency

        - only frequencies linked to the chakras are available

        - some files have a beat, some have a shift, some have a beat and a shift




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