CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones


PHIvibes - Frequency Powerful Vibration Massage device

2 vibrating devices powered with digital controls

Can be driven with Dan Winter equation related to Planck constant

Portable device (batteries) => no connection to power supply pollution.

2 vibrating devices programmable by external sound wave generator

(                           app or an audio device)


1 Amplifier

2 Vibrating devices

iPhone - iPad app


Ordering Information:

Take one of the vibrating devices in each hand

and place them on the part of the body you want to work on.

And select in the app the frequency related to this part of the body.

PHIvibes session

during Fractalfield 2019 meeting

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To allow to generate much more harmonics, PHIvibes has been desined with audio vibrating devices.

That is the reason why you can ear sounds while playing PHIvibes devices.

As PHIvibes generates a lot of harmonics (so quite high frequencies) these audible sounds could be disturbing if you place the vibrating devices close to your head. When you are working in a body part near your head (for example the shoulders) it is better to use ear plugs

(a set of ear plugs are furnished with PHIvibes). 

NEVER use PHIvibes Vibrating Devices directly on your head.

If you want to generate frequencies in resonance with parts of your head, it is better to place one vibrating device on your sacrum, and the other one on your pubis bone. In this case, the sounds will go up through your spine bones to your head (without disturbing your ears with high frequency sounds).

PHIvibes EN_MANUAL_200131.001
PHIvibes EN_MANUAL_200131.002
PHIvibes EN_MANUAL_200131.003

If used with Flameinsound app:

Inside the golden ratio cascade of frequencies according to Dan Winter equation related to Planck constant, it is possible to:


  • select a specific frequency in resonance with some parts of the body (chakras, organs,…)    
  • to allow a much better interaction with the body, creates a beat between the balls, according to physiolosical rythms (cranio-sacral wave rythm, emptiness of brain ventricules rythm, brain waves alpha & theta).

Flameinsound Table of Frequencies


to enter in resonance with different parts of the body (chakras, organs,...)

More about FlameinSound app & Body Frequencies



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