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Altho scientifically controversial - if we study carefully - it does appear there is significant agreement in the literature (references below) about an actual correlation between musical key signatures and the glandular areas or chakras which are energized by specific notes.

Our model is defined and used by two different authors and was based on two differents kind of approaches to define it:


The nadis are well knowed for those who practice yoga. Their challenge is to move energy through the nadis to feed their physical, mental, and spiritual development.

The nadis are our energetic irrigation system.

The Sanskrit word nadi means “flow,” “motion,” or “vibration.”

The fundamental nature of a nadi is to flow, to find inside the body the path of least resistance and nourish everything in its path.

This is the most common way to display Ida & Pingala nadis.

According to

"Théorie et pratique de Spagythérapie Energétique"

a book from Tony CERON, each chakra is related to a musical note.

This approach of Tony CERON is related to alchemy and planets.

The same relationship between chakras and music notes is used by Michel LARROCHE in its

"CELLULAR ANALYSIS AND REINFORMATION" practice (using musical tuning forks).

Relationship between music notes & frequencies


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