CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones

Patrick Botte is a biologist and electro-physiologist.

He began his professional career as a researcher in the biophysics department of the VUB and plant physiology department of the ULB at the Université Libre de BRUXELLES. His original research was concerned with the study of membrane potentials of photosynthetic bacteria.

After his academic career, he improved his knowledge in computer science and electronics by working as technical support in a computer company.

He then headed for 17 years a nursing home dedicated in accompanying people at the end of their lives and in welcoming people with Alzheimer's disease and various types of dementia.

In this institution, he has implemented alternative therapies allowing to reduce or even eliminate any medicinal intake related to these types of pathologies: SNOEZELEN therapy, Validation Therapy®, Clown therapy and "Cantou" environment..

During this period, he was also awarded a "management" and "life project" course for the training of future directors of nursing homes.

His research in the field of alternative therapies, led him to follow the formation of osteopathy at CREDO. This school pays special attention to the techniques of soft manipulations, centered on cranio-sacral therapy, on the rhythms of the cranio-sacral system and on energy care. His passion about waves and frequencies, led him to follow in Switzerland the training in frequency therapy of Dr. Fiches. He also perfected his musical feeling by following the training in sonotherapy and harmonic chanting of vowels by Emmanuel Comte (Canada).

He is currently an independent scientific researcher on everything that can "promote communication, connection, relationships, convergence with oneself, with others and with nature". He organizes individual interviews and facilitates seminars and conferences.

His constant interest in research led him to reflect on the relationship that could exist between physiological rhythms, the rhythms of nature, the rhythms that could be extracted from the cardiac system and brain waves.

His various skills have allowed him to develop applications allowing the detection of the craniosacral wave from the cardiac signal.

The latest applications, available on iPhone and iPad (itHVRe & FlameinMind) allow:

The real-time detection of the craniosacral wave and cardiac coherence;

Analysis of the quality of deep sleep;

The modulation of the brain waves making it possible to return more easily in deep meditation and to reach the state of bliss.

As he advances in his research, he is increasingly convinced that vitality consists in making our rhythms vibrate in harmony, like a "chorus" in the heart of our being.

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