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CranioSacral Wave:

Why & What for

In Nature, all living things are created by embedding in cycles and waves.

There are waves outside our body: like seasons, circadian rhytm, moon cycle,...

But there are also waves inside our body: brain waves, heart waves, breathing waves,...

All these external and internal waves interact with each other.

As nature is neither uniform nor linear, it is not possible to represent or interpret nature as a set of linear waves (some winters can be longer or colder than others ...) .

Therefore we can not represent nature as a perfect linear sine wave,

but rather in the form of a wave which is waving:

Exemple of 4 minutes of recording of a pressure wave inside our body

According to Irving DARDIK

«Waves move only within waves and contain waves, as an inherent  continuum of wave motion in wave motion ».

a wave waving in another wave

Let's take our cardiorespiratory system. When you breath in, your heart rate grows up;

and when you breath out, your heart rate decreases.

In this exemple below, cardio pulses (a) variation is first represented as a wave (b)  whose frequency varies with time. If we draw the curve corresponding to Heart Rate Variability (c), the two curves are linked to each other (d). The increase of the frequency of the first curve (the red curve corresponding to heart pulses) induces the amplitude of the HRV curve (blue curve). The two curves are interdependent and can not anymore be represented in a linear way.

In this non linear model of waves waving within waves, each of the waves influence the other: slow waves influence more rapid waves and high frequency waves influence low frequency waves.

This is the reason why induced slow breathing rates practice affects the amplitude of our internal heart rate, increases our vitality and makes us much more healthy.

CranioSacral practitioners are used to interact with slow waves inside our body and during their practice, they tend to recover lost of movement (fixed parts of the body) and lost of amplitude of these internal waves.

The wave which is most used by CranioSacral practitioners is about 6 cycles per minutes (so, at a frequency of about 0.1 Hz). The amplitude of this wave is a good indicator of the health condition of their patients. This relates the famous LF or low frequency component of HRV to the very important 0.1 Hz Mayer blood pressure wave.

Recently, Dan Winter demonstrate the link from this frequency of 0.1 HZ. Dan is suggesting that this precise frequency fits exactly the cadduceus cascade of phase conjugation initiating negentropic charge collapse (life). He shows this "ORIGIN OF BIOLOGIC NEGENTROPY" is all predicted by his new equation, golden ratio exponents/phase conjugation times plank length and time.


Therefore this frequency around 0.1 hz is a vital wave influencing directly all the other waves of the body. This is the reason why this frequency is commonly used to pace breathing practice with biofeedback devices and also to train and measure heart coherence.

Breathing at this 0.1 Hz fixed frequency induces (by resonance) a bigger amplitude in your Heart Rate Variation (HRV) and in all your body waves (As waves are moving and waving within waves. Phase conjugation perfects this embedding/nesting/entanglement). This method gives very good results. But naturally, simple fixed frequencies are more enriched in real physiology.

The best way to amplify your own craniosacral wave is to be present and connect to yourself and surf on your own craniosacral wave. Learning to breath with your Mayer wave or cadduceus breath using iTHRVE is only the beginning.This is the most physiological way to entertain your vital waves and to boost your immune system. This will also regulate and synchronise your sympathetic systems resulting in reducing your stress.

As this app displays your own craniosacral wave in real time, you can progressively train yourself to feel it and than interact with it... and became more and more present, connected to yourself and..  much less stressed.

As this app displays your own craniosacral wave in real time, you can progressively train yourself to feel it and than interact with it...

and became more and more present, connected to yourself


much less stressed.

Real time waves of


The craniosacral wave is related to

the yellow pressure curve.

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