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Vitality & Waves

Vitality is related to the amplitude, quality and shape

(harmonic inclusiveness, relationship/interaction)

of all the waves which are inside our body.

Specifically the proven scientific principle

(Irving Dardik ' Making Waves' - discussion: )

- is that harmonic INCLUSIVENESS - functionally equal to fractality- in your heart (and HRV) -

does directly indicate immune health and longevity. This means the multi-tonal heart is healthy and the mono-tone heart is less so. This is a simple but fundamental concept. Particularly when we realize golden ratio allows the MOST number of harmonics to be present at once- constructively-

and quite literally making the fractal / perfect compression.

The heart can be defined as the musical conductor of all our body waves.

When we get old, our vitality decreases

and our heart harmonic richness or inclusiveness is also decreasing:

Exemple of 4 minutes of recording of Heart Rate Variation of 2 different persons :

(a) young with good vitality; (b) old with bad vitality.

But thanks to some kind of practices, we can

boost our internal waves and our vitality

Exemple of 4 minutes of recording of previous subject (b) :

(b1) before practice; (b2) recovering after short period of vitality training practice.

In an healthy body:

  • each part of the body has a good wave amplitude and shape
  • many of the the waves in the body are linked by musical (golden) ratios
  • perfect nesting or embedding or fractality is optimized by golden ratio harmonics- and thus directly create self-organization / negentropy / healing (this is the point of Dan Winter's book- Origin of Biologic Negentropy).

It is very important that the frequencies generated by our heart rate can stimulate (enter in resonnance with - which ultimately is to nest or embed perfectly ) each part of our body.

Each frequency generated by the heart will feed, entertain the part of the body (or organ) related to this frequency.

The more our heart will generate different frequencies, the more different parts (organs) of the body will be touched (fed) by the electromagnetic field generated by our heart.

About Waves & Vibrations

All the matters in the universe vibrate at frequencies or sets of frequencies: atomic particles vibrate, cells vibrate, organs vibrate, our all body vibrates, ...

Everything, and living being can be characterized by a wave or set of waves.

Everything  is related to rhythms or cycles: we speak of seasons, biorhythms, circadian rhythm, lunar cycle, ...

These different rythms can also be characterized or represented by a wave or set of waves.

In our body, all our waves and rhythms should be tuned to each other. And our body waves should also be tuned to the waves of the universe.

All these waves (body waves & waves of the universe) are embedded and linked together in some kind of matrix following rules and ratios:

  • musical ratios (octave, fifth, fourth, third,...) and harmonics;
  • golden ratios related to golden ratio exponents/phase conjugation times plank length and time

(Reference: )

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According to the musical octave scale, each frequency can be related to a musical note :

each time the frequency doubles, we get the same musical key note.

There is a quite simple relationship between the frequencies generated by the heart

and the musical key notes:

Converting in cycles/Minutes, we can make a relationship between  heartbeat frequencies and each musical note:

  • 60 bpm will be for C
  • 97 bpm for G#

This G# frequency is most of the times the heart rate when we feel in love. It is the mean frequency of the sacro-cranial wave (0.1Hz or 6 cycles/Min). And should also be related to frequency of the heart chakra.