CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones

Piezo Phire

PiezoPhire - 2 powerful phase conjugate implosive devices

Can be driven with THERAPHI frequencies

2 kinds of transducers programmable by external sound wave generator

(                           app or any audio player device)


The core concept involves - using a specialized piezoelectric radiant resonator or a Tesla coil mated with a super dielectric disk of shungite to implode and lens effect the charge field.

This creates the implosive 'pine cone pair' conjugator effect WHICH RESTORES ELECTRICAL COMPRESSION (which is the electrical opposite of pain, for example).

Physics review of this implosive negentropic

The devices can be used directly on the body

or used to spread energy field in a room through Shungite spheres

(small Shungite plates are included in the devices - Shungite sphere not included)

Ordering Information:

The devices can be fed with :

FlameinSound  Coil & Plasma option (iPhone - iPad app)

For non Apple users:

A library of FlameinSound Coil & Plasma waves files can be downloaded from a cloud and played on any WAV audio player.

Send me a mail and I will send you the link to the cloud.

The devices can also be fed by audio files designed to interact with the body or to spread energy field in a room


If used with Flameinsound app:

Inside the golden ratio cascade of frequencies (THERAPHI Frequencies) according to Dan Winter equation, it is possible to:


  • select a specific frequency in resonance with some parts of the body (chakras, organs,…)    
  • to allow a much better interaction with the body, creates a beat between the balls, according to physiolosical rythms (cranio-sacral wave rythm, emptiness of brain ventricules rythm, brain waves alpha & theta).

Flameinsound Table of Frequencies


to enter in resonance with different parts of the body (chakras, organs,...)

More about FlameinSound app & Body Frequencies



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