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PlasmaPHIre Balls - Portable Plasma Wave Generator

2 PlasmaBalls Powered with digital controls

Can be driven with THERAPHI frequencies

Generates a field in small rooms/places (living room, bed room...).

Portable device (batteries) => no connection to power supply pollution.

Can also be used in nature, away from electromagnetic pollution.

Allowing HRV/EEG sensors closed to the field 

(=> can be used with iThrve & Flameinmind apps)

2 plasma balls programmable by external sound wave generator

(                           app or any bluetooth audio device)


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PlasmaPhire- now comes in 2 versions:

the original includes up to 1 hour skype chat set up support 

( 2000 Euro- includes trackable shipping!)

OR... Plasmaphire PLUS

-additional 500 Euro - total 2500 Euro including trackable ship
includes necessary input level adjust- and additional bluetooth transmitter and setup help.
includes up to 3 hours Skype chat setup support

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If used with Flameinsound app:

Inside the golden ratio cascade of frequencies (THERAPHI Frequencies) according to Dan Winter equation, it is possible to:


  • select a specific frequency in resonance with some parts of the body (chakras, organs,…)    
  • to allow a much better interaction with the body, creates a beat between the balls, according to physiolosical rythms (cranio-sacral wave rythm, emptiness of brain ventricules rythm, brain waves alpha & theta).

Flameinsound Table of Frequencies


to enter in resonance with different parts of the body (chakras, organs,...)

More about FlameinSound app & Body Frequencies

NOW in Flameinsound V 1.4

Sound Wave Generator 

Wendy, a very sensitive person,

testing impact of PlasmaPHIre body frequencies

The original duration of the video is 11 minutes. To make the video more fluid, we have reduced to 7 minutes by dropping some parts without any comments.


In the first part of the video (first 3 minutes), some frequencies are also inducing feelings in other parts of the body. This is due to reharmonisation of tensions inside the body.


In the last part of the video, as the body now tends to a new equilibrium, the feeling is more acurate relative to the frequencies of the plasma device.

Dr. Shelley Evans

Well known consciousness researcher - western Canada

describes her research project with PLASMAPHIRE

PlasmaPHIre - Evening session

Patrick Botte & Dan Winter

during Fractalfield 2019 meeting

Testing PlasmaPHIre generated field 

on a plant

Effect of 10 and 20 minutes PlasmaPHIre Balls session

on a group of 12 persons

Test done with S. Cardinaux & C. Martin

Blonay, Augustus 2018 -

Plasma PHIre Balls were activated with a cascade of 20 frequencies based on Planck's constant multiplied by powers of the golden ratio - according to Dan Winter equation (frequencies from 1.7 Hz to 15890 Hz).

The two plasma balls were placed 3 meters from each other. According to sacro-cranial wave frequency, a beat of 0.1Hz was also generated between the balls.

The effect of these plasma balls frequencies was measured with the LVA device on a group of 12 people, in a session of 10 minutes, then extended to 20 minutes. 


LVA (Life Vibration Analyser) was used to make measurements before, during and after the experiment.


The LVA presents the results in the form of dozens of pages of figures, texts and graphics. 


In this report, we chose to present only some of the figures and graphics. 

The result is relevant and consistent within the group. And the feeling of each matches the measurements of the LVA device.

The result is relevant and consistent within the group. And the feeling of each matches the measurements of the LVA device.


The measurements show a clear improvement in the general alignment of the chakras, from the physical to the spiritual level. 

Most chakras regain fluidity; previously they were in excess, a sign of inappropriate behavior or excessive needs.

Aura LVA

These images summarize everything that happens at the body level, on more than 840 frequencies.

It is clear that the aura becomes much smoother and harmonious, with a good grounding in the lower part of the body.

After 20 minutes, the right side (self-image, the mind) becomes more and more neutral. And the left side (image perceived by others, what we radiate) becomes more and more harmonious.

Effect of 15 minutes PlasmaPHIre Balls session

using specific body frequencies

Test done with GDV Compact device

Before and after 15 minute session

of PlasmaPHIre 

applying specific liver and kidneys frequencies

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