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FlameInMind Manuals

Our FlameinMind system requires this state of the art wireless - instant connection headset:

Note re MUSE headset:

"Muse: the brain-sensing headband device is an over-the-counter product manufactured by Interaxon, Toronto, CA, and is legally marketed for general sales worldwide.  It is not considered a medical device.  The FLAMEINMIND- Muse app is a nonclinical program intended for emotional response awareness, and is not considered neurofeedback.. Neither the hardware nor the applications are intended to diagnose or treat any disorder. 

No prescription or license are required to purchase and use the Muse headband or the FLAMEINMIND application."

Main parts in the App


BrainWaves Settings

BrainWaves Analysis & Graphs

V 2.0 - 4 channels improvements

&  new dashboard 

Files Manager & PlayBack

EKG Heart Coherence - Emotional Balance

Download pdf

For 2 users,

it is necessary to use simple wrist straps and clip connections


These are commonly available and inexpensive.

We will send details on this option to registered users, contact :




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