iTHRVE  CranioSacral & Coherence & Chakras APPs

Applications for iPhone 5-7 , iPod Touch 5-7 & iPad


CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones


Heart Coherence - Emotional Balance

Coming soon

For FlameInSound & FlameInMind Apps

Real Heart Coherence

Empathy Trainer

For FlameInSound & FlameInMind Apps

New amplifier for exciting full 2 channel EKG

allowing real empathy / tantra heart coherence training

plug also in to FlameinMind
( using the FlameinSound option

meaning even if you the less expensive /no eeg

FlameinSound software it will work!)

full EKG / and Heart Coherence for TWO persons  showing EmpathyTraining

( Heart's 'ring' together when the Cepstrum graph - peaks align ).

Available in

FlameInMind last update (1.6)

Coming soon

For both FlameInSound & FlameInMind Apps

With New Real Heart Coherence amplifier

FlameInMind - Muse Headset

Single User


fingers on the headset

FlameInMind - Muse Headset

Two Users


it is necessary to use simple wrist straps and clip connections


These are commonly available and inexpensive.


We will send details on this option to registered users,

contact : info@fractalfield.com

More about heart Coherence and history of Heart Coherence on:





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