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Flame in Mind



BiNaural Sounds App


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update (2.0)

" Brain Flow "  

 FOUR CHANNEL - EEG- Front versus Back brain Compare

FlameinMind: Brainwaves of Empowerment Project

Measure and teach - the correct bliss/ ecstacy / Flame in the Mind - Brainwave signature

Measure and prove brainwave entrainment to ZERO POINT BLISS

with Plasma healing  www.theraphi.net

IS exactly the frequency signature for brainwave BLISS

( physics see : www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception )

from Dan Winter and Patrick Botte -  the FlameinMind team

Released date: September 2017


WHY Teach Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation in EEG Brainwaves

to acheive Peak Perception/ Bliss

The History, Context, Science: 


Original article on the wave physics of Golden Ratio phase conjugation


teachable physics of (peak) perception:


  • 0.1Hz- MAYER wave -THE most important- spine/blood/hrv-LF resonance
  • 0.06 Hz & 0.037 Hz brain Ventrical pump/drain - directly related to Kundalini physics  - and the key Sacro-Cranial 'long tidals'

Powerfull sound wave generator

with HRV feedback


helps to jump much faster and more deeply in low frequencies meditating states

Generates cascades of frequencies precisely TUNED TO PLANCK

to produce centripetal force/ negentropy/ self-organization  

see:  www.fractalfield.com

Generates BiNaural beats

for long wave cross hemisphere beat heterodynes tuned to :

HRV feedback

to display resonance between BiNaural Beats sound wave and cardio-respi system

Dedicated Chakra sounds 

generated to enter in resonance with different parts of the body

Coherence in the ALPHA frequencies is key to much brain development.

Coherence in tbe BETA frequencies (above alpha)

tend to indicate coherent conscious waking/ active thought.

Coherence in the DELTA/ THETA frequencies (below alpha)

tend to indicate coherent access to the unconscious/ deep states (the long wave)

so called THETA HEALING.

Brain Waves


Learn to MAKE alpha

Work on making a CASCADE in your brain waves frequencies

Observe whether your alpha frequencies are matched

for right / left hemisphere (phase lock)

which is right left brain hemisphere SYNCHRONY.

Notice whether the AMPLITUDE of your alpha is balanced

helps to understand/ balance- RIGHT vs LEFT hemisphere DOMINANCE.

2 sound feedback related to Alpha Waves:


  • generated audible TONE CUES linked to your alpha power measures
  • sound alerts linked to your left/right Alpha peaks

conjugate /implosive/ centripetal brain force

develop the NEXT peak - either up (in BETA) or down (THETA)

Bliss moments

the adjacent peaks will be

GOLDEN RATIO in frequency

(implosive/ centripetal )

Telepathic/ Rational moments

the adjacent peaks will be

OCTAVE RATIO in frequency

WHEN that 'implosive' cascade of GOLDEN RATIO frequency peaks

organizes up to 3 to 5 coherent harmonics in series

THAT is your key to psychokinesis



Real Heart Coherence

Empathy Trainer

New amplifier for exciting full 2 channel EKG

allowing real empathy / tantra heart coherence training

FlameinSound update (1.1)


FlameinMind update (2.1)

Work with New Real Heart Coherence amplifier


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