CranioSacral Wave & Cranio Sacral apps for iPhones

On iPhones 8 & X, Camera sensor does not work

!!! Only working with Bluetooth sensors !!!

4 types of sensors for short or long recordings:










All of these sensors can be used for short recording (less than 30 minutes):

mainly designed for coherence and breath training.


Long recording (up to 8 hours and a half), can only be done with the use of a Polar chest strap or a compatible Bluetooth chest strap device.


The pressure wave (related to the Mayer wave or Cranio-Sacral wave) can only be displayed with the Berry BM1000C finger sensor (best accuracy - available January 2017),

the iHealth finger sensor (less accuracy - much sensitive to movements)

or the Camera sensor (less accuracy - much sensitive to movements).


Short Recording options of the app has been designed for quite & calm recordings (as slow breath trainings, heart coherence, relaxing or meditating states). If you want to make a recording while moving, it is better to use a bluetooth Polar Chest Strap.


The light sensors devices (iHealth finger sensor, the earclip sensor and the ios camera)

are very sensitive to movements of the sensor:

they need a special care when used to achieve a good acquisition of data.



Mayer Wave acquisition can only be achieved in a quite & calm relaxing or meditating state.




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